The Dirty Hands

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2016 Album Release

In August of 2014, we went and holed up at Studio 2200 with engineer and co-producer Marty Severin in both his and our first attempt at producing a studio album. It was easily some of the most fun we have ever had. With all the toys, bells and whistles, we put the axe to the grindstone. Although we recorded a bulk of the material in the 8 days we spent at the studio, whatever plans we had for a time frame were quickly dissolved by several unforeseeable events.
Eventually James Glaves would mix the record and send it off to his mastering engineer for the final touches. Now that all of the music is finalized, we are finishing the art and almost ready to press the album. We will be releasing a single or two early to tease y’all before we have our album release party at TapRoot on June 4. Come help us celebrate almost two years of patience and hard work.

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