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Past / PRESENT / Future

Here is a little update on the past, present, and future of The Dirty Hands…

This past fall, The Dirty Hands embarked on their first tour outside of Alaska to the southeast where several of them hail from. They were well received by fans, friends, and family! From Valdosta to Athens and Atlanta to Birmingham, The Dirty Hands had a blast rolling through. Hopefully, it won’t be their last romp through the south!

Presently, The Dirty Hands are prepping for their 2018 tour through the great state of Alaska to support their new album GROW. This promises to be their most ambitious and unique release so far. They will be supported on tour by The Forest That Never Sleep AKA Kat Moore of The Super Saturated Sugar Strings and select shows will feature The Jephries. Tour details are located here.

With all the excitement brewing, we want to address something heavy in our hearts and minds. It is with great humbleness and thanks that we say good bye to our magical wizard of brass, Eli “Wolftone” Whitney as our saxophone and flute extraordinaire, as he goes in search of sunshine and good vibes! The Dirty Hands have been truly lucky and touched by the music gods to have had the pleasure of playing with Eli. We wish you the best in your travels Wolftone! Howl on you dirty dog!

Ryan “Greenbean” Bouma and Jon Hollous will be filling in for Eli over the course of the “Growing Onions” tour.

As for the future…

After the “Growing Onions” Alaska tour, we will be taking an extended hiatus throughout the rest of 2018 and most likely 2019. Some of us need time to go back to school and some of us need time to travel. Some of us need to explore other music, and all of use need to explore ourselves a little more. Sometimes a little space brings everything together better. If there is one theme we will always try and employ throughout our musical careers it is this:

It is not how you fill the space, but rather how you leave it.

We have plenty more music in us so stay tuned for more. If you love our music, share it with everyone! That’s all we want to do!

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