The Dirty Hands


One of the most unique and varied live shows in Alaska, The Dirty Hands continue to win fans by challenging the status quo with a mixture of styles and musical influences. The band provides numerous arrangements organized for any size venue or atmosphere. From full on festival rock outs, to intimate, small bars; The Dirty Hands’ music has no rhythmic, melodic, or dynamic boundary.

The Dirty Hands bring a myriad of influences to the table, synthesizing all of their common and individual musical interests into one sound…that is uniquely “The Dirty Hands.” Born in Girdwood, Alaska, the band is a multi­-genre, blues centric, quintet. The band members seek to broaden the dynamic and depth of their music, inspired from all corners of the United States, covering a breadth of influence steeped in blues, jazz, and rock.

Sean Patrick: vox, guitar, bass, piano
Chris Lesesne: vox, guitar, bass, piano, harmonica
Andrew Saden: drums, aux. percussion
David LeHew: piano/organ, trombone, aux. percussion
Eli Whitney: alto/baritone saxophone, flute